Teaching Tips Q & A

I will be posting the most frequently asked questions and answers here.  However, if you have a specific question regarding your child please email me, Michelle O’Rourke, at orourke.parker@gmail.com and I will answer your questions directly.

Where can I find “Just Right Books” for my child?

  • This link will assist you in choosing leveled books for you and your child to read at home.  Under Your Reading Level System click Guided Readinghttp://bookwizard.scholastic.com/

What should I talk to my child about when we are reading together? How can I help my child improve his/her comprehension?

What can my child do to get extra practice, extension, or remediation with math skills?

  • The free math links below can help provide students with extra practice with math skills throughout the year.
    • https://xtramath.org
    • http://www.sumdog.com
    • http://ixl.com
    • http://www.funbrain.com
  • This documents has some of the most common types of addition and subtractions word problems.  You might change the numbers or the objects in the problems to give your child extra practice and experience with solving word problems. Common Addition and Subtraction Situations NEW!

What should I do when my child comes to a word he/she doesn’t know? How can I help my child learn to read?

  • This document will help support students development when tackling words they don’t recognize within their reading: Tricky Words
  • These are the strategy posters that we use in class. Students should be familiar with most of the these “reading helpers” Reading Helpers NEW!


Anchor Charts NEW!

These are some of the charts in our classroom that students are encouraged to reference regularly.

Math Anchor Charts

Subtraction StrategiesAddition Subtraction Anchor Chart

Reading Anchor Charts

Character Anchor Chart