Homework is designed with the students’ best needs in mind.  The second grade homework packets are designed for the children to independently practice at home the skills they have been working on in school.  It should take no more than 10 minutes an evening for the packet, and at least 20 minutes of independent or shared reading each night.

Due on Monday:   

Reading Logs


REVIEW – Word Lists

First Grade Word Wall Words


REVIEW – Important Sight Words:

First Grade Word Families

First Grade Digraphs and Blends

First Grade High Frequency Words 

First Grade High Frequency Words


Math Games

Some at home games  that you and your child might play:

100 chart Game Board

Primary Number Cards

Make 10 Game/Rules

Counters in a Cup Game Directions

Counters in a Cup Record Sheet

Missing Numbers, Staircase numbers, and 100 Chart


Strategies for Math Problems

Math Strategies and Tools- Addition

Math Strategies and Tools- Subtraction